Sklean 4in1 Concentrate Disinfectant Bundle

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3 x 500ml

1 x Winter Sun, 1 x Citrus Escape, 1 x Blooming Fresh

Sklean 4in1 Concentrate Disinfectant fights grease and grime and delivers supreme disinfection properties in only 2 minutes. Fight germs all across your home or office, with Sklean's multipurpose concentrate disinfection with surfactants to melt away grease and germs. Use neat or diluted.



3 x 500ml - Makes 30L diluted

1 x Winter Sun - Warm, spicy-sweet, settling of your senses perfectly complementing fresh scents in contrast.

1 x Citrus Escape - Light, Sweet Sicilian Lemons with multiple depths to lift your mood and awaken your senses.

1 x Blooming Fresh - Sweet, Light, Floral & Fresh - Leave your senses satisfied that your surroundings are clean and germ-free.

Sklean 4-in-1 Concentrate Disinfectant boasts powerful cleaning capabilities, strong disinfection properties, beautifully fragranced and mood lifting solutions with long lasting results.

How to Use: SPRAY, SOAK & WIPE

Dilute me using a handy spray trigger ( these can be purchased on our shop page). Add 4 capfuls to 400ml water and you have your disinfection solution ready.

Use Sklean at the end of each day to disinfect your sponges and wipes. Throw all of the dirty pieces in to the sink, pour in 2 capfuls of neat disinfectant and top up with boiling water from the kettle.

Spray directly on to soiled area, wipe and rinse cloth/sponge then spray again over the same area, leave for 2 minutes then wipe for a clean and germ-free surface. For non-soiled surfaces simply spray, wipe, then use a micro-fibre cloth for a perfect finish.


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