Flash Kitchen Cleaner

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1 x 450ml

Flash Kitchen Spray blends the cleaning power of Flash with the degreasing effect of detergent to quickly dissolve grease and dirt while leaving a fresh scent and brilliant shine. On top, its shine protect formula prevents watermarks and soapy water build-up, so you can keep your surfaces shiny for longer.


Flash Kitchen with Fairy is perfect for cleaning tough stains from almost any hard surface in your home. Especially effective in the kitchen Flash’s cleaning power removes grease and build-up of dirt from the stovetop and the kitchen sink. Hygienic finish gives peace of mind. See package for full usage instructions. A rinse is required for surfaces in direct contact with food.

Tough stain removal, Removes up to 100% of dirt, grease and grime (tested on most common stains/surfaces, showing complete removal), Especially effective in the kitchen, Hygienic finish.


How to use it?
Just spray Flash Kitchen spray on soiled surface until thoroughly covered. Rinse (or wipe with a damp cloth) for a shiny clean surface.
For heavy soil such as burnt on food: leave the cleaner spray to act for 3 minutes before wiping.
On painted surfaces, try product on a small inconspicuous area before using

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