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Restore the sparkle of your outdoor furniture with new Cif Outdoor Furniture wipes.
This outdoor cleaning wipes are a convenient solution to clean all the visible and invisible dirt from your garden furniture, play equipment and UPVC. The large and thick wipes effectively clean your surfaces leaving them looking their best.
At Cif we believe in revealing and protecting beauty for everyone to enjoy, every day. That’s why for over 50 years, Cif products have removed ugly dirt, without damage – providing you with beautiful results. We develop cleaning products that solve the problems you face, while caring for surfaces at the same time. Cif will help you achieve the beautiful results you want: whatever the surface, whatever the room, whether it’s a quick spruce-up, or a full deep clean.
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How to use:
Break the seal and open by peeling off the sticker halfway. Wipe your furniture to remove dirt. No need to wipe dry, except for surfaces which comes in contact with food. Make sure that the pack is released after use to avoid wipes drying out.
Rinse and dry hands after use. Do not flush down the toilet. Do not use on Cif Outdoor wipes on marble and painted wood. For delicate / unusual surfaces, try on an inconspicuous are first. Do not use on carpet, clothes or textiles. Do not use for personal hygiene.
For hips and tips for all your housekeeping needs, visit cleanipedia:
New Cif outdoor range, Outdoor furniture wipes, Large & thick wipes, Removes 100% dirt, Ideal for your garden furniture, play equipment and UPVC, Leaves your outdoor surfaces looking at their best

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