Astonish Oxy Active (Large)

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Cruelty Free and Vegan, this super concentrated oxy stain remover is ideal for those tougher than usual stains. Simply add one scoop to each wash or for stubborn stains use a pre-treat spot stain with a paste consistency, also fantastic at removing unpleasant odours.

Super concentrated it will make quick work of tough stains. Simply add one scoop to every wash to boost stain removal. For those tough stains or hard to launder items you can also use to pre-treat or soak stained items. Add one scoop to each wash load to boost stain removal, and brightens fabrics. For extra tough stains or to whiten dulled whites use to pre-treat or soak. Includes scoop for easy dosing.

Preparation and Usage

Add 1 scoop into the washing machine drawer or drum.
Use with your normal laundry detergent at 40°C or above.
This pack contains enough for 37 standard loads (2.5kg washed in medium water).

Dose as recommended in warm water (40°C). Soak item in the solution for 30-60 minutes, wash as normal, rinse and dry. For extra tough stains soak overnight.

Dose as recommended in warm water (40°C). Pour or dab solution onto soiled areas and wait 15-30 minutes. Wash as normal, rinse & dry. Repeat with a longer contact time for stubborn stains.


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