Busop Kitchen Bundle - Small

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5 x 1 pack

Busop Kitchen Bundle - Small Includes: 1 x Oven Cleaner, 1 x Antibacterial Cleanser & 1 x 42 Dishwasher Tablets, 1 x Minky Extra Thick Sponge Cloths, 1 x Astonish Kitchen Cleaner. Take advantage of this kitchen bundle and save 10%



1 x Oven Cleaner

Astonish Specialist Oven & Grill cleaner includes orange oil to power through grease and burnt-on food, tackling the whole oven including the door. What's more the product contains no harsh chemicals, unlike many other oven cleaners, so there's no need to wear gloves. No excuse to leave cleaning the oven so long next time.

1 x Antibacterial Surface Cleanser

For hygienically clean surfaces.
Kills 99.9% of bacteria.  Effective against e-coli, salmonella & listeria.  With no bleach, no taint and no odour the product is suitable for use on food preparation areas.  Also ideal for use in fridges, on high chairs, bins and toilets. Leave for 5 minutes for complete disinfection before wiping clean

1 x 42 Dishwasher Tablets

With built in salt and rinse aid, suitable for even hard water areas, glassware will be left streak free. With no Phosphates, the product is also kinder to the environment.

Powerful cleaning action removes though dried on stains, Built in salt & rinse aid, Leaves glassware & cutlery sparkling streak free, With a fresh lemon scent.

1 x Astonish Kitchen Cleaner

1 x Minky Extra Thick Sponge Cloth

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