Gone are the days housework is just a mandate chore. It is being elevated from dreary to aspirational activity on social media. Donning the rubber gloves is no longer drab, now cleaning is awe-inspiring.

Netflix documentaries such as "The Home Edit' & "Tidying with Marie Kondo" have also boosted organising activity at home prompting social media users to film such activity and share with their friends as a inspirational method to connect  A global pandemic is hardly the time to cleaning standards and with more families are home it's difficult to ignore the build up of housework, so why not film it, and make it fun. 

Australia has seen a rise in "Home" accounts filming more cleaning and organisational content since the beginning of the pandemic, with some states still in lockdown there isn't much other content to film than everyday life including the housework. Females have been largely more affected by Covid-19 (The Guardian, 2020) and are more likely to have lost their job fuelling the female dominated trend. However will this be a trend? Mrs Hinch has been growing in popularity since March 2018, paired with a pandemic, cleanfluencers have increased dramatically and it not only offers cleaning inspiration but a sense of community as well, and good company never goes out of fashion.