5 Things You Should Be Cleaning Everyday - whether you love or hate cleaning we have put together a quick list of essentials which shouldn't take you longer than 15 minutes to complete and will make sure your home is germ free and clean where it matters.

1. Sponges & Multipurpose Wipes

At the end of the day, put all your sponges and wipes into a clean sink, sprinkle with strong disinfectant - such as Sklean, then pour a kettle full of boiling water over to soak overnight. This method will not only clean your sponges and further longevity but leave the kitchen smelling beautifully fresh for the morning.

2. Kitchen Bench tops

Spray and wipe down bench tops after each use. Thoroughly clean at the end of each day with a multipurpose cleaner first then a disinfectant to finish off. Don't forget all surfaces, handles, worktops, across the oven and cooker, sink, taps and cupboard fronts to prevent bacteria and remove allfood particles to keep those bugs at bay!

3. Dishes

Try not to leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight as the food will harden and be much more difficult to remove the following day. If you're soaking dishes, fill the clean with clean soapy water and pop in a dishwasher tablet for an elbow-grease free trick. If you have a dishwasher fill up and turn on and empty each day, in between leave the door ajar to let the inside dry as to not encourage mould build up. Dishwasher cleaning should be completed each week, remove all filters and rinse and clean in the sink, spray a multipurpose cleaner across the entire inside of the dishwasher, rinse, spray a disinfectant across all areas, wait for 2 minutes then put on a hot empty wash.

4. Vacuum / Mop

Regular vacuuming will lower dust, food bits and hair throughout your home. If you have Pets cleaning once per day is a must keep bacteria and germs at a minimum. Focus on high traffic areas and use a splash of disinfectant in your mop to finish off and leave you will peace of mind theres no more nasties lurking around.

5. Waste Bin

Ensure to empty your waste bin daily to eliminate bad odours and decrease the likelihood of insects. For optimum freshness blot concentrate disinfectant on a paper towel and leave at the bottom of your bin. Deep clean the bin once per week, clean with a multipurpose spray, rinse then air dry before replacing a bag.